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TTRA 2015. The new insights into innovation in tourism

TTRA 2015. The new insights into innovation in tourism

We are just after the TTRA Europe 2015 conference. The three days in the beautiful city of Innsbruck delivered interesting presentations, fruitful discussions, and spectacular landscapes!

The conference offered six sessions (usually divided into A and B parts). Almost half of them referred to innovations in tourism. We could learn the true importance of social innovation in tourism – Serena Volo. Our attention was drawn to the differences in the perception of innovations – Birgit Pikkemaat. We are now aware of the value of innovation in the field of experience-centric services – Anita Zatori.

Moreover, the passionate speeches of the Keynote speakers concerned the social innovations (inter alia bike communities and the friendliness of public spaces) – Sarah Drummond; the service design thinking – Marc Stickdorn and the experience management (astonishing experiences offered by Disney) – Ady Milman.

Furthermore, to me one of the things to remember is the presentation on the application of the virtual reality accessed by the head mounted display in tourism sales and marketing – C. Eichenlaub, S. Mauel, S. Ostrowski, H. Schnabel, J. Wenzel & A. Wolf.

More information on the conference may be found here.

See you next year!


Author: Dawid Szutowski


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