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Time machines

Time machines

The City Museum, St. Louis

One is presumed to learn, design and constantly reinvent him- or herself. The full potential of an individual is discovered through the process of lifelong learning. One should stay open-minded.

One of the ways to get inspired is to look into the past. The creation of the ancient ages waits to get noticed and affect the modern generations. Tremendous wonders as well as everyday objects are the imprints of the past.

Museums function all around the world to preserve the heritage. Despite their different forms and characters they operate to make the study of art, artefacts, and all the valuable objects of the past accessible to everyone. These organisations are the portals assuring the connection between different times and spaces.

The modern concepts of museums differ from the past ones. Nowadays visitors are willing to learn through play. The more fun the institution delivers the more the tourists are willing to learn. The more interactive the exhibition, the more visitors want to discover. Moreover, it is not obligatory to present the masterpieces of art created centuries ago the everyday objects of the fruitful XX century already posed a magical power in the rapidly changing world.

One of the best examples of the learn-through-play philosophy is the City Museum in St Louis. The gigantesque playground groups “old chimneys, salvaged bridges, construction cranes, miles of tile, and even two abandoned planes”. The big part of exhibition is placed outside of the buildings. Visitors are encouraged to touch, climb, and play with the exposition. It is the museum that “makes you want to know”.

Author: Dawid Szutowski

Source: City museum

Photo by Raymond M. Reskusich, source: Wikimedia.org


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