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The Bonjour!

The Bonjour!


Writing – a simple medium of communication – is as natural for the contemporary individuals, as breathing. However, can we name the ones who invented it? Were they the Mesopotamians seeking for an information-transmitting tool, effective in their expanding world [Kramer 1963, p. 302]? Were they the Chinese giving rise in 1200BC to the contemporary Chinese language with the use of oracle-bone inscriptions [Boltz 1999, p. 75]? Were they the Americans marking the famous stone block in the today Veracruz state, Mexico [Briggs 2006]? Confusing…

Are there any such dilemmas in tourism? The passport was first issued on the regulated and formal basis in 1414 in England at the time of King Henry V [Hjalager 2015, p. 6]. However, was it really such a novelty? Let’s consider the medieval Islamic Caliphate, which in order to ensure that taxes are not evaded introduced bara (receipt for taxes paid). Only with this document a travel to different regions was possible [Stillman 1992, p. 6]. Sounds familiar?

Both, writing and passport (and many other things!) were invented several times throughout history. The re-invention of the already invented things is an obvious waist of time and resources. The principle applies as much to the breakthrough discoveries, as to the humble advances in the research! The ancient communities didn’t have any of the communication tools disposable today and thus the time and space differences were insurmountable. However, nowadays all sorts of information and communication technologies invite us to share the processed advances in our researches and make our tiny contribution to the incredible world of science. Even more – to share the results is not a possibility, but a necessity.

There is no need to re-invent writing.

Author: Dawid Szutowski



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