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The research gap

Kotler and Trias indicate a major problem in the management of innovation – the lack of complex, unified, and widely accepted theory. Such situation has serious practical implications. The authors compare innovation management to marketing and finance, and deliver the results of Business Week survey . Most managers recognize, and use marketing tools such as market segmentation, brand positioning, 4P, etc. Also, each manager recognizes and uses the financial tools such as cash-flows analysis, analysis of costs and profits, etc. However, almost a half of managers do not recognize any tool of innovation, or creativity policies. There is no consensus on what model should be used in innovation management, and where to allocate the responsibility. In the result, most companies are condemned to loosing control on their innovativeness.

The gap in tourism

Hjalager indicates “that there is still only limited systematic and comparable empirical evidence of the level of innovative activities and their impacts and wider implications for destinations and national economies. An agenda for future research is emerging, suggesting that there is quest for both formal quantification and for qualitative studies of the foundations, processes, implications and policies of innovation in tourism” [Hjalager 2010, p. 1].

Author: Dawid Szutowski



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