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Aerofestival 2015


The Aerofestival 2015 has just ended. The event constitutes the biggest civil, international air show in Poland. The two-days happening gathered more than fifty thousand visitors! Spectators had the precious occasion to admire inter alia such teams as Turkish Stars, and Baltic Bees and such soloists as Artur Kielak, Jurgis Kairys or Uwe Zimmermenn. Moreover, the air shows included numerous planes from the World War 2. The event was organised on the PoznaÅ„ Ławica Airport without interrupting its operations. Hubert Topoliński organiser and our honourable guest will describe the biggest challenges of organising the air show on the active airport.

DSIC: Mr Hubert, Aerofestival 2015 ended up as a tremendous success. How did you manage to combine air shows with take offs and landings of scheduled flights at the Poznań Ławica Airport?

Hubert Topoliński: Organisation of the air shows on the operating airport is a nationwide innovative project, which we had to face. The two-days show demonstrated how unpredictable and uncontrollable the aviation may be. The decision to take extra care for the security of regular and charter flights caused several turbulences during Saturday’s shows. Fortunately, Sunday’s shows ran smoothly.

It is not a common practice to organise air shows on the operating airports. What was the biggest challenge?

Quite the contrary – it is a common practice to organise air shows on the operating airports, but not in Poland. Following the footsteps of our neighbours we wanted to demonstrate that it is possible and at the same time very attractive for visitors. The biggest challenge was to meet the formal requirements and coordinate the ground handling with the situation in the air i.e. regular and charter flights.

During the first day several shifts in the schedule could not have been avoided. What were the biggest difficulties in organising the event?

There were several issues. The biggest difficulty was the unexpected redirection of scheduled flights from other cities, which caused the “shredding” of the air show slots. Also, the Friday’s bad weather and Saturday’s morning fog thwarted inter alia the training plans of Turkish Stars. As the organiser, we are ready to assure that next year’s air shows will be based on the “rigid” slots. It will allow avoiding unexpected shifts, which occurred during this year’s edition.


During the event, despite the air shows, you organised concerts, food, expositions etc. How did you manage to deliver so many attractions on the field, which normally is unavailable for visitors.

As the organiser, we did everything to make the area on one hand attractive for visitors and on the other hand safe for its supervisor – Poznań Ławica Airport. In order to secure the field we used several kilometres of barriers. Furthermore, 500 security guards and information service staff guaranteed the safety.


The event was very well received. Are there any plans for the second edition?

At the moment we summarize this year’s Aerofestival. We draw conclusions and settle formalities for the next year’s edition. However, for the official announcement we still require approximately 3 months. Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂


Thank you for the interview!

Hubert Topoliński is the vice president of the Aeropact company, the organiser of Aerofestival 2015.


The interview was conducted by Dawid Szutowski.


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