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Preliminary research 3

Preliminary research 3

The research aimed at creating innovations’ classification designed for tourism companies. To reach the objective, systematic literature review based on SALSA method and meta-synthesis approach were used. Seventeen articles from three groups extracted in classification procedure were analysed. Author’s multidimensional classification including innovation’s type and the degree of novelty involved was proposed. It took a graphic form with a descriptive component.


The research contributes both to the research and to the world of practice. First, by joining the current scientific discussion about innovations, which is not transmitted with equal intensity into tourism. Second, by delivering a framework for analysing innovations in tourism companies.

The research was limited to leading tourism, hospitality and sport journals. The time frame was set as January 2000 – May 2014. No books and conference proceedings were included. Further investigations could include different kinds of publications and expand the time frame. Also what seems beneficial for further investigations is the analysis of specialised classifications and creation of appropriate classification for the whole service sector and low-tech companies.

Author: Dawid Szutowski

The research was published in:

Szutowski D., 2014, Classification of Innovations in Tourism Companies – systematic literature review, [in:] Kruczek Z., Banasiak W. (eds.), Dynamika przemian rynku turystycznego, Wydawnictwo Wyższej Szkoły Turystyki i Języków Obcych, Warsaw, pp. 37-43.


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