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No roads, no worries!

No roads, no worries!


Tourism is all about travelling from one place to another. We travel by railway, by roads, by water, and by air. The intermodal passenger transportation relies on using several modes of transportation in one trip. Unconsciously, we all do it by taking a taxi to get to the airport, or taking a bus to get to the train station.

Here is the extreme version of intermodal transportation! The amphibian-bus. No worries if the road ends, get right into the water! The innovative offer is available in several places around the globe – Rotterdam, Netherlands; London, England; Miami, US; just to name w few. Take a look! Would you take a ride?

Author: Dawid Szutowski

Source: C.A.M.I.: Everything Amphibious from Buses to High-speed Sports Car

Photo by Pieter Edelman, Flickr


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