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How to increase city’s tourism capacity?

How to increase city’s tourism capacity?


Every region poses its own tourism capacity, which covers the capacity of the accommodation, gastronomic and other facilities. Exceeding the regional maximum number of tourists results in the decrease of the quality of services.

Tourism is affected by seasonality. Therefore, it is desirable to adapt as much as possible the tourism capacity to the tourism demand. However, how to adapt the number of beds? How to transport the hotel and all the other amenities from one place to another?

Everything depends on the kind of hotel. There are hotels hosting thousands of tourists, which move constantly. We call them cruise ships. Allure and Oasis of the seas, the biggest cruise ships on the planet have the maximum passenger capacity of 6296 people. Docking two of them increases the regional capacity by more than 12.000 people.

The attempt to employ such an innovative approach to increasing the tourism capacity was tried in Vancouver, Canada during the 2010 Olympics. Due to the formal problems the solution was not implemented and the cruise ship plan sunk. However, lots of major event, and lots of cruise ships wait to innovatively host plenty of tourists!

Author: Dawid Szutowski

Source: Olympic cruise ship plan sunk

Photo by Jerry L, Flickr


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