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How to enjoy a parking lot

How to enjoy a parking lot


Car is one of the basic modes of transportation. Due to its importance, the globe is covered with adequate infrastructure. No wonder that innovative roads, bridges, tunnels, and parking lots may be found all around the world.

Wait! Parking lot? How innovative a parking space may be?

Umi-hotaru is the artificial island built to connect the bridge and the underwater tunnel joining Kisarazu and Kawasaki, Japan. It is located more than 4 kilometres from the shore. On the island the floating park lots, and the observation decks were set. Due to the splendid view on the Tokyo Bay, the island became a popular destination. Also, the floating parking lot itself, as it is worldwide unique construction, became engineering enthusiasts must see. Nowadays, it attracts visitors not only from Japan, but also from all around the world.

That’s how, a parking lot became a tourist attraction.

Author: Dawid Szutowski

Source: Umi-hotaru

Photo by onono, source: Flickr.com


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