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Canary Islands’ vineyards

Canary Islands’ vineyards


The Canary Islands are one of the most admired tourist destinations around the world. However, they face the increasing competition as every year new spots popularise. Can they still offer a new experience besides the heat of sandy beaches and palm trees’ shade? Take a look at the vines plantation in the Lanzarote Island. This characteristic place is a good example of how to make a supplement product out of the local tradition. The little curved walls protect the vines from the wind and constitute a picturesque spot. Of course the vineyards offer a bottle of good wine. Scenic place for wine tourism enthusiasts – not to be missed!

Author: Dawid Szutowski

Source: Vines and wines on Lanzarote

Photo by: Yummifruitbat, source Commons.wikimedia.org


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