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Burning skies

Burning skies


For centuries northern lights fascinated people. The game of colours played on the night skies of Arctic and Antarctic regions dazzles and mesmerizes. Aurora is caused by the interaction of the solar wind and cosmic rays with the magnetosphere of Earth. It appears in red, green, yellow, pink, and blue depending on the altitude.

The phenomenon of aurora borealis is old, but the new ways of admiring it still occur. In Europe the best places to observe auroras may be found in the central and northern parts of Sweden and Norway. Therefore it seems natural that hotels and resorts adapt to the specific conditions and offer spots to admire the northern lights. Still, it is a product innovation that attracts natural wonders admirers from all around the globe.

A tremendous hotel of Camp Ripan, Sweden, situated at the outer-edge of Kiruna town is just a good example of such place. Even if the environment is extremely hostile and the daily mean temperature surpasses 10oC only in July (during the long winter it averages around -15oC) one is warmed by the skies burning with aurora light. A must see!

Author: Dawid Szutowski

Sources: Enjoy the Colours of Swedish Lapland; Kiruna

Photo by Timo Horstschafer, source: Flickr.com


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